Fight Club


Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Plot: Come on… do I really need to explain this one? Anyway, the unnamed narrator, who makes a living investigating accidents for a car company to assess their overall liability, is combating his insomnia and very potent anomie by attending a series of support-group meetings for the terminally ill. He meets an apathetic woman named Marla at one of them (testicular cancer), and soon thereafter, he also meets his new best friend — Tyler Durden. It’s with him that he starts a new sort of club: one where young (and equally disenchanted) men can meet come together in total equality… and beat the shit out of one another. Welcome to Fight Club.     
Okay, I’ve seen the movie version, and like everyone else I know, I loved it. But I was interested in reading the book, and seeing if there were any differences. I also wanted to try my first Chuck Palahniuk book and see how it affected me (my girlfriend is a big fan, and she warned me of the side effects: general apathy, sarcasm, etc). And well, lets just say, it definitely had an affect on me. The book will linger with you, like the way wine or alcohol lingers on your palate. You’ll sarcastically joke about the office drones at work. You’ll worry that there’s pee in your coffee. You’ll bash IKEA. And above all, you’ll long to knock someone out with a hook to the jaw. Palahniuk’s writing is superb, and reads like poetry. If you really want to understand where this whole Fight Club phenomenon began, pick up this book. Oh, and did I mention that the ending is different from the movie? That was a surprising treat. Just remember… the first rule about fight club is: you don’t talk about fight club. You’ve been warned. 

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