DMZ: Body of a Journalist

DMZ Issue #2: Body of a Journalist

Matty Roth is back, and it’s up to him to stop an invasion of Manhattan. The plot in this issue is very intricate, and it has a few twists and turns, but it is overall pretty satisfying. The artwork is just as gritty, and once again really captures the horrors of war.

This issue shows just how troubled Matty is. He is constantly trying to come to terms with what he witnesses on a daily basis; the dismembered bodies, the horrible destruction, and the constant threat of being killed at any moment are starting to really takes its toll on the young journalist. It will be interesting to see how is coverage and his overall demeanor changes in the next few issues.

While the first issue focused on life in the DMZ, this issue focuses on unveiling the complicated conspiracy between Liberty Press (the news network that Matty works for) and the U.S. government. I wont delve too much into the plot, but it gets a bit heavy. It’s not as addictive as the first issue (mainly because it was just so original), but it is still very entertaining. Issue #2 also includes a short origin story on Zee (which is nicely done), and also a “guide book” on life in the DMZ (which despite being rather short, it adds some much needed life and flavor to the neighborhood that Matty calls home). Overall, this issue wasn’t as good as the first, but it still incredibly awesome.


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